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Profiles || Infos || Timeline || TS Ent.
1392/02/30 ساعت 20:12 | | نوشته ‌شده به دست Hani Petal | ( نظرات )
یک بیوگرافی شامل و کام از B.A.P
فعلا وقت ترجمه ندارم حجمش زیاده...بعدا کم کم ترجمشو میذارم...
Let us introduce you the Best.Absolute.Perfect
Group's facts & quotes (#BAPFACTS)

B.A.P is the first boysband formed by the Korean label TS Entertainment. The group consists of Bang Yong Guk (Leader), Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo. Their name if an acronym for BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT, and it shows their determination to become the best and absolutely perfect group.

B.A.P. was conceived and began promoting in late 2011, starting with Yong Guk, who takes the role of leader in the group. He signed to TS Entertainment and was featured on labelmate Song Jieun’s song “Going Crazy”. He made a solo debut on August 11, 2011, with the single “I Remember”, featuring BEAST’s Yang Yoseob. A second member, Himchan, an ulzzang multi-instrumentalist, was the second member of BAP to be introduced to the public in the form of an MC for a music show program on MTV Korea, called “The Show”. And lastly, on November 23, 2011, Zelo, the third member from BAP to be publicly introduced, was introduced through a collaboration with fellow member, Bang Yong Guk, under the moniker Bang & Zelo. This time, they did it by releasing the song “Never Give Up”.

In January 2012, the group starred in a reality show, Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P, which aired on SBS MTV. The show focused on how the six members play the role of aliens from a different planet who worked together to debut as B.A.P and invade Earth to help save their dying planet, Planet Mato.

Their official Fanclub name is BABY/BABYz. It has been officially confirmed by TS Entertainment on February 10, 2012.
"We are announcing B.A.P’s official fan club name that many of you have inquired about and awaited for. The fanclub’s name that has always supported B.A.P have been called “BABY” by leader Bang Yongguk before debut, has been unanimously determined “BABY” by every member. From now on, on stage as well as all of B.A.P’s activities, we ask for the support and love from BABYz."

The fanclub was inaugurated on B.A.P 9th month since debut (October 27, 2012) and more than 3000 official BABYz attended the event. All members of the 1st Official BABY received the 'BABY Official Box', containing a member card, a scheduler and 6 pictures with messages from the members.

As for the official Fanclub color, it seems that it's green, but TS Entertainment hasn't confirmed anything yet.

YONGGUK or Bbang Leader
[ Leader, Main Rapper, Father of B.A.P ]
"Do what you like and love what you do."
Real name | Bang Yong Guk (korean: 방용국).
Birthdate | March 31, 1990; 23 years old.
Hometown | Incheon, near Seoul.
Height | 1m80 | 5ft11
Weight | 61kg
Blood type | O (Type O are known to be outgoing, energetic and optimistic, but they're also rude, vain and insensitive.)
Family | Hyung & Noona (His brother is actually his twin!)
Fans' name | Bangsters.
Can't live without | Ramens, Tigger & Himchan.
Yongguk's facts & quotes (#GUKFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Yongguk commented, "It goes back to middle school. At that time, I was doing underground hiphop. After becoming an adult, I was introduced to TS Ent. by Untouchable hyung, and entered this company. After that, I was preparing for B.A.P and did other promotional activities, the time of preparation with B.A.P was about one year. For myself, it took me 6 years before I debuted."

HIMCHAN or Commander HimGod
[ Vocalist, Visual, Mother of B.A.P ]
 "When you work, work. When you rest, rest. Always do your best."
Real name | Kim Him Chan (korean: 김힘찬).
Birthdate | April 19, 1990; 22 years old.
Hometown | Seoul.
Height | 1m80 | 5ft11
Weight | 69kg
Blood type | O (Type O are known to be outgoing, energetic and optimistic, but they're also ruse, vain and insensitive.)
Family | Noona.
Fans’ name | Hime (means Princess in Japanese)
Can't live without | Iced Americano & Mirrors.
Himchan's facts & quotes (#CHANFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Himchan commented, "Since I was young, I loved music a lot. Originally I was learning Western music and also majored in Gukak (Korean Traditional Music) but because I also had an interest in the entertainment genre, someone from TS Ent. called to me offering me an opportunity. I was learning janggu. I have collaborated with a shamisen artist before. A Japanese arts school and my school are sister schools so we have exchanges like this. I’m still a student right now but I’m on leave at the moment."

DAEHYUN or Busan Honey Voice
[ Main Vocalist, Oldest son of B.A.P ]
"If you will, I will."
Real name | Jung Dae Hyun (korean: 정대현)
Birthdate | June 28, 1993; 19 years old.
Hometown | Born in Gwangju, but raised in Busan (he has a very strong Busan’s dialect.)
Height | 1m77 | 5ft10
Weight | 63kg
Blood type | A (Type A are known to be shy, reserved and patient, but they're also stubborn, cautious and tense.)
Family | Hyung.
Fans’ name | Daewons.
Can't live without | Cheesecakes & Youngjae.
Daehyun's facts & quotes (#DAEFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Daehyun commented, "When I was watching TV as a child I learned to be a singer. When I was deciding on a high school, as expected I thought "I have the goal of becoming a singer", and entered the practical music department. At that time also, I was walking by the music academy and had a chance to audition, passed that, and became a member. I practiced at the academy but from when I entered the company and our debut, about 6 months passed. I was the last one to join. So like that up until our debut, my life was full of noisy instances happening. I didn’t feel that there were any horrible or difficult things."

YOUNGJAE or BrainJae
[ Main Vocalist, Second son of B.A.P ]
“Starting is half the battle.”
Real name | Yoo Young Jae (korean: 유영재).
Birthdate | January 24, 1994; 19 years old.
Hometown | Seoul.
Height | 1m78 | 5ft10
Weight | 65kg
Blood type | AB (Type AB are known to be rational, controlled and split, but they're also critical, indecisive and distant.)
Family | Hyung.
Fans' name | Brainboxes.
Can't live without | Electronics.
Youngjae's facts & quotes (#JAEFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Youngjae commented, "At a field trip, there was a talent show. At that time I sang on stage, my friends cheered loudly and it was surprising. That was the start. My dream to stand on stage is the career I want so I thought "I’ll become a singer". I dreamt of becoming a singer, and started to study music, rapidly becoming attached to the attraction of music. I love music, concentrating on that passion, I became a B.A.P member, and that’s that. I prepared at another company for a year, but when I saw that I couldn’t debut, I was contacted by TS Ent. and debuted about a year later. My life as a trainee wasn’t especially hard. Instead, in order to become a pro, I had to prepare my true abilities and individuality and I thought "This is my responsibility I have to carry" and feel pressure because of this."

JONGUP or Dancing Machine Moontos
[ Main Dancer, Vocalist, Third son of B.A.P ]
"Always do what you like, do what you want, and try your best to be happy."
Real name | Moon Jong Up (korean: 문종업).
Birthdate | February 6, 1995; 18 years old.
Hometown | Gyeonggi-do, near Seoul.
Height | 1m76 | 5ft9
Weight | 66kg
Blood type | B (Type B are known to be passionate, active and wild, but they're also forgetful, selfish and irresponsible.)
Family | 2 Hyungs.
Fans’ name | Cheetos.
Can't live without | Chris Brown/Dance and Pokemon.
Jongup's facts & quotes (#UPFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Jongup commented, "Dance became my hobby in my first year of middle school. Because I loved dancing it started to give me a comfortable feeling, eventually I ended up going to tournaments. After that I stood on stage and felt the allure of the stage, and ended up choosing this road. I am now attending an arts school. My time as a trainee at this company is about a year."

ZELO or Rap Machine Zelobot
[ Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Baby of B.A.P ]
"Men live and die."
Real name | Choi Jun Hong (korean: 최준홍).
Birthdate | October 15, 1996; 16 years old.
Hometown | Mokpo, near Gwangju.
Height | 1m84 | 6ft1
Weight | 63kg
Blood type | A (Type A are known to be shy, reserved and patient, but they're also stubborn, cautious and tense.)
Family | Hyung.
Fans’ name | Jellies.
Can't live without | Skateboard & Cherry Tomatoes.
Zelo's facts & quotes (#ZELOFACTS)
When asked how he became a singer, Zelo commented, "When I was little, when I came home I was a child that didn’t play a lot by myself. After returning home, in front of my mom's mirror, I’d beatbox and dance by myself. That day, I realized a neighborhood TV shooting location was there. Then, my friend came from there saying 'I got a game card so I’ll take you with me' and we discussed how we should leave. However, my mom was there secretly. After returning home from school, without saying anything and abandoning my backpack, I left… My mom wore sunglasses and followed behind us, saying 'My son is on stage dancing and rapping' (laughs). It started from that time. From 5th grade on I started my speciality in rap, beatboxing, and dance. After joining this company, about 1 year passed till our debut."

A list of the most memorable events.
12-01-08: First broadcast of ‘Ta-Dah it’s B.A.P’
12:01-26: Debut with the first single “Warrior”
12-01-17: First performance on KBS Music Bank
12-01-28: First showcase in Seoul (More than 3000 fans had attend the event!)
12-02-06: Jongup’s 17th year anniversary
12-02-10: TS Entertainment had announced the official name of the fanclub: BABY/BABYs
12-02-14: First appearance on a Radio Show (Younha's Starry Night Radio)
12-02-19: First fansign in Seoul (Youngdeungpo Hot Tracks Times Square)
12-03-19: B.A.P signs thousands of "Warrior" albums that were bought by local and overseas BABYz
12-03-23: First time in Singapore (TS Family Fanmeeting)
12-03-23: Special on MTV: B.A.P Diary in Singapore (2 ep.)
12-03-31: Yongguk’s 22nd Birthday
12-04-06: Release of the first photobook: “Recording Take 1” (Official Goodies)
12-04-12: Comeback with the second single “Power”
Yongguk have to wear a cast for the whole "Power" promotion since he had developed a tumor on his finger and had to have surgery. He didn't said anything about that until the end of the promotion to not worry anyone.)
12-04-19: Himchan’s 22rd Birthday
12-05-08: B.A.P’s 100th day anniversary
12-05-25: B.A.P is on the cover of the Taiwanese magazine “Trendy”, and they are the first Korean group who never performed in Taiwan to have this chance.
12-06-11: TS Entertainment introduces each members’ Matoki.
12-06-28: Daehyun’s 19th year anniversary
12-07-02: First time in Macau (Kpop Nation Concert)
12-07-04: First time in Malaysia (Showcase in KL)
12-07-05: Release of the second photobook: “Recording Take 2” (Official Goodies)
12-07-19: Comeback with the first mini album “No Mercy”
12-08-04: MTV special “B.A.P Day” (They were the third artists to have this opportunity after DBSK and BIGBANG!)
12-08-14: B.A.P signs thousands of "No Mercy" albums that were bought by local and overseas BABYz.
12-08-22: First time on a TV show (Weekly Idols)
12-08-29: Comeback with the first mini album repackage “Crash”
12-09-22: First time in Taiwan (Showcase in Taipei)
12-10-04: First time in Thailand (M!Countdown Smile -Thailand in Bangkok)
12-10-12: First time in USA (KCON in LA)
12-10-15: Zelo’s 16th Birthday
12-10-23: Comeback with the third single “Stop It”
12-10-27: 1st BABY Day - Inauguration of the 1st Official Fanclub in Seoul (More than 3000 fans had attend the event!)
12-11-27: First time in Vietnam (Kpop Festival in Vietnam)
12-11-30: B.A.P won their first ever awards (Mnet PD Choice Awards @ MAMA)
30-11-12: First time in Hong Kong and B.A.P received their very first awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
12-12-14: B.A.P realize their dream and win their first Rookie Awards (MelOn Music Awards)
At the end of the year, B.A.P had won 13 Rookie Awards!
13-01-03: B.A.P figures on Grammy’s site (Biggest Awards Show in the US) along with PSY!
13-01-23: B.A.P sold out 8000 tickets for their first solo concert.
CJ E&M who hosts performances of many artists, showed their surprise by saying, “This is the first time we see a group have such a strong fandom, and grow this quickly in 1 year since their debut.” They revealed, “In our office, this project has been put on top priority, and we have over 100 people working on it to prepare the best stage possible for B.A.P.”
13-01-24: Youngjae's 19th Birthday
13-01-27: B.A.P's 1st Anniversary
13-02-03: Himchan announces he broke his two fingers and won't be able to participate in the first week of promotion for "One Shot" - He was really disappointed of the situation, as he worked more than ever for this comeback, but promised to fans to be there at the first solo concert.
13-02-06: Jongup's 18th Birthday
13-02-07: Jongup's Graduation from High School
13-02-12: Comeback with the second mini album "One Shot"
13-02-14: "One Shot" MV reached 1 million views in only 2 days!
13-02-23/34: First Solo Concert in Seoul "Live On Earth Seoul" (More than 7000 fans attended the events)
BYS Founder was there! Check out our exclusive fanaccount here.
13-03-30: B.A.P sold out all 5,000 tickets of their first concert in Japan "Live On Earth Japan"
13-03-31: Yongguk's 23rd Birthday
13-04-13: First time in China (Yinyuetai V-Awards)
13-05-04: B.A.P breaks a record, holding Pacific tour in 4 American states and 4 Asian countries 14 months after debut.

'Cause you know... they are the best absolute perfect.
12-01-26: [Allkpop Awards 2011] Best Hip Hop Artist (Yongguk)
12-11-30: [Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012] Mnet PD’s Choice
12-12-08: [SO-LOVED Awards 2012] Best New Male Group + Best Choreography
12-12-14: [MelOn Music Awards 2012] Best New Male Group
12-12-19: [Remarkable Awards 2012] Best New Male Group + Song Of The Year (No Mercy)
12-12-24: [Simsimtapa Awards 2012] Best Condition + Live Award
12-12-26: [Arirang’s Simply Kpop Awards 2012] Super Rookie Idol
12-12-28: [SBS MTV Best of the Best Awards 2012] Rookie of the Year
13-01-02: [Eat Your Kimchi Awards 2012] Best Aegyos + Best New Male Group 2012
13-01-16: [Golden Disk Awards 2012] Newcomer Male Artist
13-01-27: [JpopAsia Music Awards] Best New Artist + Most Promising Band
13-01-30: [MBC Show Champion Awards] Best New Male Artists (B.A.P has the most appearance in Show Champion, appearing 15 times!)
13-01-31: [Seoul Music Awards] Rookie of the Year
13-02-01: [Allkop Awards] Best New Boy Band
13-02-01: [Soompi France Awards] Best New Male Group
13-02-01: [Gurupop Awards] Best Rookie Awards (+ Our Fanclub was #1 on the Top 10 Fanclub!)
13-02-13: [Gaon Chart Kpop Awards] Rookie Awards
13-04-13: [Yinyuetai V-Chart Awards] Best New Artist Awards

B.A.P's No. 1 for sure!

12-02-03: [Billboard World Album Charts] Warrior - #10
12-02-16: [Hanteo Chart] Warrior - #1
12-04-29: [iTunes Top 10 Hip Hop Album Chart] Power - #1 (Canada/New Zealand), #2 (Australia), #3 (Japan)
12-05-01: [Youtube’s Music Charts] Power MV - #30
12-05-03: [Billboard World Album Charts] Power - #1
12-05-12: [Hanteo Chart] Power - #1
12-07-20: [Taiwan’s G-music Kpop Albums Chart] No Mercy - #1
12-07-21: [iTunes Top 10 Hop Hop Album Chart] No Mercy - #1 (US/Japan/Canada/Australia), #2 (Norway/Finland)
12-07-29: [Hanteo Chart] No Mercy - #1 (Before BEAST and SUPER JUNIOR!)
12-08-01: [Youtube’s Top 100 Videos]: No Mercy - #100
12-08-20: [German Asian Music Chart] No Mercy - #1
12-09-04: [Hanteo Chart] Crash - #1
12-10-26: [Hanteo Chart] Stop It - #1
12-05-01: [Youtube’s Music Charts] Power MV - #30
13-01-13: [YesAsia] B.A.P is #6 of the “Best Selling K-POP Male Artists of 2012”
13-02-14: [iTunes Top 10 Hip Hop Album Chart] One Shot - #1 (Canada, US, New Zealand), #2 (Sweden), #3 (Australia, Norway, Finland), #4 (England, Japan, #8-9 (Greece, Germany)
13-02-19: [Hanteo Chart] One Shot - #1
13-02-21: [Billboard World Album] One Shot - #1
13-02-22 [Gaon Chart] One Shot - #2
TS Entertainment stated, “They have ranked high on the charts before, but this time they were able to make new records by taking over the U.K. and other parts of Asia, for a total of 11 countries. They are now being recognized all over the world.” 

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